The lemon law for each State is found its consumer legislation, which includes everything about how goods can be sold, in what kind of condition, and under what terms and circumstances.

The legislation is intended to protect the average consumer (who isn't expected to know everything!) from the fraudulent sales of goods, including motor vehicles.

Know the Lemon Law in Your State

A 'lemon' is a vehicle that seems to have unrelenting mechanical difficulties or necessary repairs. If you think you have one, then you need to look at the lemon law for your state.

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The Biggest Lemon Law Myth

Myth: The lemon law in your state protects you against all big ticket items you purchase, including computers, appliances and used cars.

Fact: Although all states do have lemon laws covering new car purchases, other kinds of big ticket items may or may not be covered.

Tip: Always have a mechanic or other knowledgeable person check out a big ticket item before you purchase it.  Also, investigate the vehicle or product's history if you can. 

You don't want to have to rely on the state lemon law -- it's a lot better to avoid getting a lemon in the first place!

How the Lemon Law Benefits You

If you think you have a lemon (which may include cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, boats and in some states, even motor homes), it's useful to determine what your state's individual lemon law is.

Even though each state's lemon law is different, they all have provisions for repairs at no cost to you, possible vehicle replacement, or a way to get your money back.

Each individual State has some form of lemon law, but they are not necessarily all the same. However, every lemon law does include at least the following elements:

  • protection from dishonest salespersons
  • protection against obvious defects directly from the manufacturer
  • whatever recourse you have in regard to your 'lemon'
  • limitations on the lemon law: for example, whether motorcycles are covered, or time limits on claims.


More About the Lemon Law

Of course, most of us will never need to know about lemon law -- until we need to know about the lemon law. :-)

If you are reading this information because you think you have a vehicle that fits the definition of 'lemon,' then you'll need to read on to discover exactly what the lemon law is in the state where you bought the vehicle. Click here to find out what lemon law affects your purchase.



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